Let’s take a look at what libraries do for veterans and military families.

If you were to ask me to tell you why libraries are so amazing, I’d have a lot to say. I am, after all, a librarian! However, one aspect of libraries which I really love is that they are great equalizers. All Americans deserve the right to free speech and low to no-cost programming, materials, and services. As entities that protect all Americans’ right to freedom of information, libraries are vitally important.

However, our veterans and military service people, in particular, have fought for our freedoms, such as freedom of information. Libraries around the United States exist and flourish due…

The more we welcome diversity and reward truth, the more we, as well as our children, can glean from the library.

One of the aspects of libraries that I love most is that they truly exist for the advancement of their communities. Whether a library serves a school, a university, a small town, or a larger city, it acts as an entity that shares resources and information that is correct. At times, this means that libraries share facts and materials which are not necessarily politically correct; librarians must be concerned with providing truth, as opposed to advancing their personal opinions.

Sometimes, the fact-sharing, unbiased neutrality that we aim for can be a bit of a challenge because accomplishing it requires us…

In my professional experience as a librarian, I’ve helped others of many backgrounds to learn and grow together. Librarians serve diverse groups nationwide and touch the lives of countless individuals, including members of the LQBTQIA community, people of all ages and races, and children and adults of varying ability levels.

Until recently, I never thought my personal life would intersect much with the lives of others whose preferences, racial backgrounds, education levels, or sexual orientations different greatly from my own. …

Startups are blossoming (and thriving) in our increasingly connected world. Meanwhile, small businesses are picking back up to full speed as we heal and learn from the pandemic.

Whether you have an established business or want to find a way to turn your bright ideas into actual profits, your library can help by providing the resources, materials, and expertise you need!

As a writer, I’ve spent a lot of time working from home over the past six years. My writing career and my library career have also overlapped in many ways; I’ve been a digital librarian, a full-time librarian and part-time writer, and a full-time writer and library advocate. …

When it comes to visiting the library, encourage your children to start young! In fact, it’s never too early to start your child’s love of reading! Even at 9 months of age, babies begin to identify favorite stories and pictures.

Just by reading themselves, parents can familiarize their babies with books (and ebooks) and model aspects of pre-reading, such as handling books and turning pages. However, don’t be surprised if your little one nibbles a few pages while beginning to explore the wide world of stories! …

Need advice? Check out Reference and Readers’ Advisory Services!

Traditionally, summertime is reading season, and we could all use a little bit of help with something, whether it’s finding a part-time job, learning a new skill, or exploring family history.

The library is your “go-to” place to find trained professionals who can help you find the information you need. Librarians are also highly skilled at recommending your next great read!

So, what are reference and readers’ advisory services, anyway?

At public libraries, school libraries, and academic libraries, librarians offer in-person and virtual assistance for users. Reference services help library users…

Whether your elementary student is a struggling reader or a bonafide bookworm, check out your library and help her to read at (or above) grade level.

Public Libraries Lift Elementary Literacy Skills

Homeschoolers, distance learners, and traditional elementary school students can access incredible reading resources and expert aid at the local library. I’m a former elementary school teacher as well as a librarian. Over the years, I’ve learned from personal experience, as well as educational research, that many students need extra support in terms of meeting reading goals.

If your young reader is struggling, she is not alone.
Data from 2019 indicates that only 35% of 4th grade students performed at or above NAEP proficient reading levels. (Source: NAEP.gov)

Public libraries offer supplemental reading programs, literacy tutoring, student book clubs, and online…

Public libraries continue to evolve and to meet new challenges as they implement innovative solutions with sensitivity and sensibility.

The first true public library in the United States was founded by 1848 while the first lending library in the U.S. was founded in 1731 (ALA, 2020). Regardless of which of those two dates is most accurate, libraries across the United States have been around for a long time. During that time, the nation has experienced many challenges, changes, wars, recessions, and health crises.

Despite all of the events that have occurred during the past 200 years or so, libraries have not only survived, but thrived. I believe that the past is often the best indicator of the future. We…

Schooling from home does not mean learning — or teaching — alone or without professional support!

Parents are increasingly interested in homeschooling or schooling from home due to concerns over COVID-19. According to one poll “parents with at least one child in grades K-12 finds that 6 in 10 say they would be likely to pursue at-home learning options instead of sending back their children this fall.” Another national poll reports that 40% of parents are more likely to homeschool this fall. If you are thinking about school from home, I want to put the resources from your local public library and state library on your radar.

I completely understand why parents would make the decision…

Laura Kathryn Bright

Sugar glider “mom.” Believer in magic, tolerance, and miracles. Writer, librarian, and artist finding the humor in a complicated world.

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